History of Gambling in Indonesia

Indonesia has had gambling throughout history it has been a part of their culture. Even after it had been prohibited in Indonesia it has been played underground throughout Indonesia, even to this day.  This is because the policemen and politicians support it by taking a cut from the market. Every class of Indonesians gambles. The richer class goes to underground casinos while the middle class bet on animal fights the lower class also buy lottery tickets. Every one finds a way for gambling in Indonesia. However, a large population stays away from this illegal act. Some people believe that the gambling should be legalized however others claim it causes a moral decay and financial losses to people in society.

Betting started in Indonesia when the Dutch and the Chinese arrived in Indonesia. They gambled in animal fights. IBCBet also became popular in many games like kite flying competitions etcetera.  Chinese introduced card games hundreds of years ago which were later banned by some of the Muslim princes while others indulged in the forbidden practice.

The Dutch legalized gambling later on and taxed it to a 21% which helped them generate revenue. When the British colonial rule started gambling was banned yet again except lottery tickets that were allowed to be sold. It was however legalized by the Dutch yet again. After Indonesia gained independence however the Muslim population put an end to it. However a governor, Ali Sadkin made it legal and permitted casinos to be open. This encouraged tourism and revenue was generated. It was not long after which the Muslim protestors put an end to this legalized practice. Casinos were forced to operate underground. It is however not wrong to say that gambling in Indonesia has not halted completely but has reduced a lot.